I've decided that I will put up some asian pop music downloads up on my web. So grab them while you can as they stop sending after a certain amount of transfers.
Also, does anyone have the song Itsuka no Merry Christmas by B'z but sung by Hamasaki Ayumi? If anyone does have it, please please send it to me! My email is aznpokopon AT yahoo DOT COM.


It's Otomiya Haine from the manga Shinshi Doumei Cross by Tanemura Arina.
Please do not steal this layout, I worked really hard on it, or I will kick your ass.

The picture was from a Shinshi Doumei Cross webpage. The brushes used in this layout is from Aethereality and Moon-wave and Komettails

Lil Aikou
A place called Aikou Land


Miyavi - Itoshii Hito
Size - 9.25 MB

Umm some of the files are a higher quality than others. So the sizes can differ. Sorry for the inconsistency! ^^;;
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